Rodwells are your trusted partner for all of you Animal Health needs. As Animal Health experts, our Antech Accredited staff can help you improve the productivity of your livestock, pets and working animals. We offer products and advice covering

  • internal and external parasites
  • nutrition
  • vaccines
  • pet food
  • dairy chemicals
  • supplements

Rodwells cover all your livestock nutritional needs ranging from standard bagged and bulk feed, blocks and premixes to more specific ration formulation catering to your precise requirements. With our trained staff, you can be confident that you are getting the best advice in this vitally important area of your business.

Rodwells also stock and sell a large range of animal management and handling equipment, including gear to implement the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), such as:

  • cattle crushes and yards
  • drafting gear
  • weigh scales
  • load bars
  • RFID reading equipment

Rodwells can also supply a range of accessories at competitive prices, including:

  • drench guns/vaccinators
  • wool packs
  • marking accessories
  • ear tags
  • water/feed troughs
  •  shearing accessories

With a network of livestock agents, nutritionists, pasture agronomists, grain marketers and professional merchandise staff, you can rely on Rodwells to provide the best advice for all your animal health and handling needs.