Rodwells can provide a range of forward contracts, using various hedging methods to achieve the best outcome for clients. Rodwells provides straightforward, no-nonsense advice to avoid the pitfalls associated with forward marketing.


Rodwells provides cover for clients wishing to forward sell their clip up to 18 months in advance. Rodwells provides prices on a fleece only, or fleece, piece and belly


Rodwells can access SWAP products provided by the major banks on behalf of clients, or can assist clients in doing business direct.


Options products that are now available are a fantastic means of providing security and risk management to clients. They can be used very effectively to limit any downside risk, while allowing growers comfort in knowing that they can take advantage of any upward movement in the market. Think of options as insurance where a premium is paid to minimise risk. Rodwells can assist clients with any options related enquiry.


Wool futures are another hedging option. Rodwells can assist clients in taking out futures contracts with a futures broker.
A complete premium and discount schedule is used to give clients full transparency and equity.